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How to Improve Your Video Quality: Official Udemy Course

Learn to recognize high audio and video quality

What you’ll Learn

  • Identify common audio and video issues
  • Recognize a high quality video
  • Provide feedback on video quality to other instructors
  • Speak the same language when it comes to audio and video


  • There are no prior requirements to taking this course. This course is the foundation for all instructors.
  • We will recommend some paid materials in this course. All of the materials are optional based on your preferences.


We talk a lot about “high quality videos” here at Udemy, but do you know what “high quality” actually means? In this course we’ll go over what a great video looks and sounds like so that you’re speaking the exact same language as the Udemy Review Team. You’ll learn what good (and bad!) audio and video look like and you’ll also learn how to actually identify specific problems so that you can diagnose and fix your own videos.

In this official, Udemy-produced course you’ll learn the skills and language you’ll need to make sure your course is the best it can be. Whether you’re an experienced videographer or a video newbie, this course will ensure that you understand how videos on Udemy should look and sound.

We’ll go over all of the topics that go into recognizing great videos:

  1. Identifying (and fixing) common audio issues
  2. Identifying (and fixing) common video issues
  3. Giving and getting video feedback

This course is part of the “Filming” track of Udemy’s Official Instructor Education Program and is highly recommended for all Udemy instructors — new and experienced alike. In each of our official courses we strive to deliver information-packed lectures that quickly give you the information you need to make your course creation process easy and your final product amazing. We include lots of examples, as well as practice activities to make sure you’re practicing your new skills.

By the end of this course you’ll have learned exactly what videos on Udemy should look and sounds like, and you’ll have learned valuable skills to perfect your own videos. Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Instructors who are planning on creating a Udemy course

Watch Links:

30min of on-demand video | Mirror


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